Quickening Moon

February’s Full Moon is known as the Quickening Moon.

It is still winter. The skies are grey and the weather is cold and stormy. Many parts of the world are still covered with snow and ice. But winter is nearing its end, and though for the most part it still lies dormant, new life is beginning to quicken beneath the soil, just like the first small stirrings of an unborn baby inside its mother’s womb.

This is a time of potential, a time for hopes and dreams and planning for the future. The dark winter months have been a time of introspection and contemplation. As spring approaches, the light of the Full Moon illuminates those things which are blocking us and standing in the way of what we want in life. It’s time for spring cleaning, time to let go of past mistakes and disappointments, time to let go of pain and the lethargy of the winter months, so that we can move into the light with new energy and ideas.

This full moon is the perfect time for rituals to release or purge the things in our lives that no longer serve us, so that the spark of inspiration has room to grow.

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