The Wolf Moon Is Coming Soon

The Wolf Moon is the first Full Moon of the calendar year. In 2011, the first full moon falls on January 19th. Also called the Cold Moon, it occurs in the middle of the cold winter season, a time of death and desolation in nature. Food supplies for predators are scarce, and wolves are on the prowl for prey, often coming into towns in search of food.

Wolves and dogs are associated with death and reincarnation in many cultures, guarding the gates to the underworld. Since so many died in the dead of winter, when survival depended on the hearth fire and dwindling food stores from the fall harvest, naming this Full Moon the Wolf Moon makes sense. But wolves are also pack animals who, like humans, keep the same family for life. Wolves depend on their families for wisdom, support and love, just like we do. Without their pack, many wolves would not survive the winter. This is the perfect time to honor hearth, home and family. Pay attention to the lesson of the wolf and spend some quality time with blood relatives and family of choice, and thank them for all they have given you.

The word “January” comes from the Roman God Janus, who had two faces. He is the God of the past and future, beginnings and endings. Put aside the old and the bad in your life and start fresh with new thoughts and goals.

So on January’s full moon, honor the Wolf and howl at the moon! Give thanks for your family, your home, and all that you have. The days are getting longer and spring is near. Winter will soon be over and you have survived!

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